Windows Vista is popular operating system released by Microsoft. Windows Vista had gained popularity due to the graphical effects. Like various other OS, Windows Vista can also be having some common file loss scenarios. Due to human errors or any kind of mistakes your files might lost or get deleted, once you have encounter such scenarios then its quite natural to consider the efficient way to recover files in Windows vista.

If you are also suffering such type of data loss scenario then get ready to recover your lost or deleted files. This article can help you out to know windows vista file recovery, this recovery task can be executed by using most reliable tool called Windows Vista file recovery tool.

Reasons because of which file loss or deletion occurs on Windows Vista

Human Mistakes: Sometimes user performs deletion of files on Windows Vista to improve the storage space of the system. During this file deletion process often users may select some essential files and press delete option.

Virus Infection: Virus may enter your system while downloading files from unsecured websites otherwise connecting infected removable device towards the system. Once such malicious data enters your system then it’s gradually infect your file system and allow it to be corrupt. Once drive is corrupted then there might be chance of file deletion.

File Transfer Errors: It may also been noticed that if you’re transferring any files in one system to other system, during this action if sudden system shutdown occurs then their might be chance of file deletion.

Features of Windows Vista File Recovery Tool

  • This tool has extremely effective user interface applying this feature you’ll be able to recover files from various file loss scenarios.
  • This application has been designed by utilizing new recovery technology and scanning engine which supports you out to recover files with within couple of clicks.
  • It has power to retrieve files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, and FAT32 file system.
  • It can also have capability to recover files from formatted or reformatted partition of Windows Vista system.
  • This software allows you to recover deleted files by utilizing “Shift+ Delete” key combinations.
  • By making use of “preview” option it may be possible to examine the recovered files before going for full version of software.
  • This tool is having capacity to recover different files like image, audio, video and so on.
  • This utility has power to recover files form lost partitions. To know more follow this link:
  • The “Save Recovery Session” may be used to resume recovery process from where previously it’s been stopped.

Precautions to prevent file loss or deletion on Windows Vista System

  • Use updated anti-virus program for the system which will safeguard you from harmful viruses.
  • Avoid improper ejection of removable device when particular file transfer process is in progress.
  • Avoid deleting undesirable files without confirmation, before going to press delete button try to ensure that selected files are useless.
  • Always maintain backup from your Windows Vista system.

I’m using a Samsung S5. As a professional I’ve selected this for the advance features and as well it includes memory stick for file storage. Accidentally I’ve deleted number regarding images and video clip files from memory stick from Samsung S5. Now what will I do? Can anyone suggest me the right way to recover files coming from memory stick?

Mostly the excuse for the usage regarding memory stick can be that they are typically faster in contrast with other storage device like MMC, CF card, SDXC and much more. The fetching is proactive plus the storage capacity could be extended up to 32GB which gives a significantly larger space. Whenever you conduct delete operation about memory stick either accidentally or intentionally then files aren’t deleted completely solely the address pointer is going to be deleted. There are chances to get better files from memory stick by making use of Easy File Recovery utility not until the deleted or maybe lost files aren’t overwritten with other files i.e. stop working if you want to perform memory stick file recovery.

Reasons behind the foreclosure of files from memory stick are the following:

Virus infections: In relation to virus related problems then it is advisable that do not switch on the memory remain or camera when using PC as it can certainly spark a permanent corruption regarding stored files firmware. To extract images from virus afflicted memory cards can be tricky task but are typically possibly finished with the help of eminent retrieval software package.

Accidental deletion: It’s a most common factor when you want to delete a number of unwanted files coming from memory stick and as well select crucial files along with unwanted files. After selecting a person immediately press eliminate button that cause complete loss regarding files.

Abrupt termination: Suppose, you are accomplishing transfer operation from storage device to computer hard drive to take suitable backup. However, whilst moving process, but if your system goes let down or you remove storage device abruptly from PC then there are chances to corruption of file system of storage device. It causes to accomplish loss of documents on memory remain.

Prominent features:

  • This ultimate software provides a far greater support to recover high quality file formats as an example RAW, TIFF, MPEG, CR2 many other files from numerous forms of electronic gadgets as an example mobile phones, camera, hard disk push, etc.
  • This application also has capacity to conduct RAID5 file restoration operation on various Windows Operating systems like Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Vista and so on. If you have to get complete information about the best way to RAID5 recovery then visit this site
  • It’s the finest pick for Trojan infected image files mainly because it scans the total storage drives and locate the deleted or maybe lost files judging by file name, file format, size, data regarding creation, etc.
  • Although the virus file will be able to bypass this search within the tool offers an additional option regarding select and recovers that helps a person to preview the number of files and retrieve them on the desired locations.

Android phones are designed based on the Linux Operating system specially Smartphone and Tablets. It is developed by Google Inc. and an open source. You can find more than 60000 application released by Google. Nowadays, it has become a number one choice all over the World and you can see Android mobiles in everyone hand. In addition to the features, there are some scenarios because of which you can lose your favorite picture from Android phone; these are accidental deletion, virus and so on.

Suppose, you have captured lots of images from your Andrei mobiles and while previewing those images you decide to erase some pictures because you feel that images are not clear. But, in the selection process you choose select all button and press delete option accidentally. After erasing memorable images you are depressed and might be looking for the best way to Recover Deleted Photo. Do not worry; you are on the right path. By using deleted photo recovery application it is simple to restore deleted photos as like you are watching your favorite movie.

Sometimes, when you connect your gadgets to the computer and transfer some picture from Android device to computer, if you remove your mobile phone abruptly without using remove hardware safely then it will damage the file system. In case, when you again connect to computer then it display format error. After saying yes, it will delete are existing images in it. When you feel that Android memory is full and you connect cell phone to computer. Instead of copying image files your use CUT and PASTE command to transfer photos. While moving, if you encounter any interruption like power failure, system reboot, etc. then it may delete some images from the SD card.

Note: If you face any photo deletion scenario then remember that it’s not removed permanently from the memory card. It remains on the storage card until and unless you overwrite with some other files. Some precaution steps are given below:

  • Stop using memory card
  • Eject memory card properly with ejection process before removing it
  • Before erasing just check once

This reliable application can easily perform recovery operation to rescue deleted images form Android on various Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, etc. and Mac Operating system for example Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, etc. For more enquiries about the deleted picture files, hit here on this related page It is designed with most popular algorithm which scans the complete memory card to find deleted picture files. In addition it has ability to retrieve image files deleted from various other storage drive such as pen drive, USB drive, hard disk drive and so on.

Why to use this more reliable application?

  • It provides the trial version using which you can check the efficiency and performance. If you feel satisfied then go for the paid version.
  • In case you face any problem to install the software, there is a team which is available 24/7 to answer user asked queries.

When you erase Podcast file from SD card, you may become nervous. No requirement to worry, since you are not single user to encounter this sort of scenario. There are numerous programs are available on online to retrieve erased Podcast files from SD card. However not all are reliable. In the event, you are in bewilderment in choosing crucial tool to undelete Podcast files then simply go through this short informative article, which describes you easy solutions to recover Podcast files.

If you are looking for the wonderful tool to perform recovery of Podcast files from SD card, then no need to search any more. To assist users to overcome such unpredicted Podcast file deletion situations, professional experts have launched an outstanding utility known as SD card information recovery. You have to use this legal software to carry out quick recovery of Podcast file with few clicks of mouse. If you are a novice user and does not know how to use this amicable program, then it offers simple tips which can help you to use it appropriately. It can also undelete SD card data from renowned brands of digital camera models such as Minolta, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, etc.

Major scenarios behind deletion of Podcast file from SD card:

  • Third party utilities: Prior to using legal tool, folks attempt third party utility to restore erased Podcast files. If such third party utility is not authorized and unreliable then it can minimize the probabilities of restoring Podcast files.
  • Inappropriate use of Cut and Paste option: This is infrequently occurring situation. Usually, in most of the cases, you may utilize Cut and Paste key combination to erase Podcast file from computer’s disk and to copy it on SD card. While performing this action, if you encounter the scenario like unexpected power outage then it may ends up with deletion of Podcast files from SD card.

This utility is embedded with excellent scanning algorithms to perform thorough scanning of SD card to recognize and undeleted erased Podcast files in less duration of time. It can help you to get back erased Podcast files based on file size, file type and file name. By making use of this unique tool, you can retrieve deleted Podcast files from renowned brands of SD card including HP, Sony, Transcend, SanDisk, etc. One can follow this link to recover Podcast files from SD card of various types like CF card, Mini SD card, Micro SD and Mini SD:

This tool is able to support recovery of podcast files from CF card, MMC card, XD cards, etc. It is capable to restore podcast files from SD card on Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 8 and Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. It is obtainable with trial form; utilize it to know the working concept of this program. Soon after the completion of Podcast file recovery process, you can view the achieved outcome. While recovering erased Podcast files from SD card, it does not alter the source files.

Are you not able to locate vital files from removable drive? Then surely, it is lost from drive either intentionally or unintentionally. You cannot prevent such things to happen, but you need to follow positive step through which you can successfully get back lost file. First thing, you should not use the drive further after losing data from removable drive. It is because when you lose data from drives and starts using drive, by neglecting the data loss. When you use the drive further then it may lead to overwriting location of data from where the data is lost. Once it is overwritten then further you become incapable to recover data from removable drive. Before overwriting, you can retrieve data from memory card. Here you just need an effective recovery tool through which you can successfully restore data from removable drive. You can use Removable Drive Recovery tool and effectively recover lost files from removable drive with ease.

Let us discuss some data loss reasons that may lead to loss of data from removable drive. Unintentional formatting condition is one of the biggest reasons behind the loss of data from removable drive. Sometimes it has happened, you might face a formatting error message “drive needs to format” while accessing removable drive. When you face such a situation then it is must to format the drive unwillingly to make use of the drive further. Once you format the drive then all the data within the removable drive is lost. If you have any vital data then it costs you a lot. Such a condition arises due to corruption of file system. File system might be corrupted due to various reasons such as improper removal, sudden system shutdown, virus attack, interruption of file transfer process, etc.

Improper termination might take place when you eject connect removable drive when it is accessing for read write operation without making the use of safely remove option. File system might be corrupt when system shutdown suddenly when the drive is performing operation. Virus attack is another factor that may lead to file system corruption. It is happened when you connect removable drive to virus infected drive to PC. When you connect removable drive then it is recommended that scan the drive first before use. If you do not scan the drive by installed antivirus then it may lead to relocation of virus into system. Interruption of file transfer process may lead to corruption of file system and may lead to formatting error.

In all the above-mentioned causes of data loss from removable drive, you can find this tool effective in recovering data from drive. Apart from above mentioned data loss reasons you can make use of Removable Drive Recovery tool in various other data loss scenarios from removable drive. in case you are search for a effective recovery tool to recover lost data from  memorable media then this software fully suited to your need. You can use this tool and successfully restore data from removable drive with ease. To know in detail you can visit this link:

SanDisk Memory Stick pro duo memory card is generally used in camcorders, digital camera to store photos. SanDisk memory stick pro duo card are designed for rough usage. As memory card is an electronic card, it is more vulnerable to corruptions. Visualize you have just inserted the SanDisk memory stick pro duo card in your digital camera and started capturing photos suddenly your camera turnoff.  After that, you will get an error stating “A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors”. To correct these errors please make use of disk error-checking utility on your PC.

As a result, you must be worried!! This error normally indicates that your card is corrupted or damaged. In the same way, there are various reasons due to which your flash memory card may get corrupted. To overcome such situations you can make use of our reliable recovery tool to recover lost or deleted data. For more information about SanDisk memory stick data recovery visit this link:

Top reasons for data loss in SanDisk Memory Stick pro duo memory card:

Virus attacks: Viruses usually corrupt the file system of the memory stick by varying the way it works without the knowledge of user’s. If the file system gets corrupted or damaged then all your vital data may become inaccessible resulting in loss of data. It may also get corrupted due to other reasons like power surge while transferring the files from PC to your memory card. As a result of memory card’s file system corruption you may get errors, which does not allow you to access the data resulting in data loss.

Abrupt removal of SanDisk memory stick pro duo card: While transferring data you might abruptly remove SanDisk memory stick pro duo card during data transfer, then this leads to data loss. This is because, when you are transferring data using cut and paste options and remove the SanDisk memory stick pro duo card before the data get copied to it then you may lose your data, during the data transfer process.

Accidental Formatting: Sometimes you may accidentally press format option instead of open option, when you are trying to open your memory card. Due to this mistake you may lose all your valuable data from your memory card.

Beneficial features of this software:

Memory Card Recovery Software can easily restore your data from SanDisk memory stick pro duo card that has been severely damaged or corrupted due to any logical reasons. If you have unintentionally deleted your precious photos from your memory card then this utility helps you to recover deleted pictures from your card. It can also recover other type of media files like videos, documents etc. You can easily sort restored files on the basis of file attributes like file size, file name, creation date, file extension etc. in retrieved data list. If you are getting format error due to corruption of file system then you can make use our reliable tool. It can also easily recover files from memory card after format error. Additionally, you can also recover files from different memory cards using this excellent software.

Outlook is a very popular application by Microsoft and is used across the globe. It a lot of features to its users. It has a very rich graphical user interface thus makes interaction easy and proves user friendly. One of most important aspect of this Outlook is that it uses a file to store all the data related to Outlook into a single file called PST. This PST file is very important and if any ways it gets corrupted then there is no way to access the content of that PST file. If you have found yourself in such a situation where you are not able to access any of its content then now need to worry about it. There is a popular PST fixing tool which comes handy in mending such type of corrupted Outlook file very easily.

There are many occasions which could lead to PST file corruption and makes Outlook file corrupt. Some of those which are very popular are given below:

Up-gradation of Outlook version: When you wish to change your Outlook version from one version to another then there are many-many chances that during this up-gradation process your PST file may get corrupt. Sometimes it also happens that when you import your existing file to new version of outlook then due to incompatibility it gets corrupt. 

Sharing of PST file Over Insecure Network: This is another possible reason of corruption of PST file. Suppose you have shared your PST file on a network which is insecure then chances are that it may get corrupt due to virus or other intruders. However if you very important data gets affected due to this connection then no need to worry anymore because now you can easily repair your corrupted PST file with ease.

Oversize of PST file: This is another possible and most commonly occurring reason which makes Your PST file corrupt. Each Outlook version have specified limit of data storage capacity for their PST file. If the data of that PST file exceeds the preconfigured limit of PST file then your Outlook files becomes corrupt and leads to inaccessibility of content stored in Email data file. Now the only best solution you are left with is to make utilize the Fix PST software which is able to fix such type of corruption problem with minimum effort and less time effectively. To know more visit: 

This tool has got a very powerful algorithm which is used to scans and repairs the PST file data with ease. It can repair inbox contact, sent items data, appointment and other Items from Outlook PST file in just a fraction of time. This tool can mend Outlook file created using MS Office‘s Outlook 2010, 2000, 2003 and 2007 versions very easily. With the help of this tool you can repair most files which are not fixable with the help of Outlook’s inbuilt inbox repair tool. Once the mending process is completed you can preview real time preview by making use of it most useful feature of preview file. This tool has capacity to generate PST file in format of 2003-2010 Outlook format. Files which are highly compressed or encrypted. This utility is also capable to recover emails from deleted items folders or other Outlook folders very easily.  You can choose repair options based on the level of corruption of PST file.


USB is a short form of Universal Serial Bus and is used to store huge amount of data including audio, video, etc. This USB portable drive is used worldwide in various educational institutions, business projects, organizations, etc to store data. In addition, you can keep backup of vital data on this USB drive to restore data in case of any file loss.

Are you unable to access files present on USB drive after connecting to computer? Due to this, you might wonder to see what happened to your USB. In case you might unable to see files in USB drive then use this talented software. This tool is able to rescue files from USB drive of different brands like Transcend, HP, Kingston, Lexar, etc. The various reasons for USB drive data loss are sudden power failure during data transfer, incomplete transfer of data, etc. This software is perfect to recover files present on USB drive and making you to access files.

Some scenarios for inaccessibility of files existing on USB drive are:

  • Inappropriate ejection of USB drive during file transfer: While transferring some crucial office documents from PC to USB drive there might mistakenly eject USB drive in improper way neglecting safe to remove hardware instructions given by computer resulting in inaccessibility USB drive data.
  • Sudden power surge: At times, you have connected USB drive to PC to copy your favorite movie file from USB drive to PC while carrying out this process, if sudden power breakdown occurs then it might ends up with inaccessibility of file on USB drive.
  • Virus infection: Sometimes, if you connect USB drive to system without scanning by using antivirus tool then, this might increase the chance of virus infection to the files on USB drive. This virus can severely corrupt files making you not able to see the files.

In case, if you still unable to access USB drive data then by making use of this tool, you can recover files present on USB drive. This software can also bring back data from SanDisk Cruzer including excel sheets, movie files, presentation files, etc. This fantastic program also recovers USB drive data from different types of hard drives like SATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI without any difficulty. This utility is capable to restore inaccessible USB drive data due to unexpected errors while trying to open frequent times. Use this hassle-free application in order to get back data from scenarios like third party tools, sudden power surge, etc.

By making use of this powerful utility, any technical or non-technical user can easily rescue inaccessible files from USB drive.In case of data loss situation, do not store new data on USB drive to avoid overwriting of data. This tool has been designed with effective scanning algorithms to perform thorough scanning of USB drive to find recoverable data. After this process, you are able to recover data based upon file name, file type, file size, etc. This program is available with demo version in order to store the data you need to use this licensed version of application. This software will perform recovery of data from inaccessible USB drive from Windows OS of numerous versions such as XP, 2000, 2003, 2007 and  Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.

Company people, business organizations, students, etc. most popularly use PowerPoint files. Though these files are used worldwide but sometimes, PPT files may susceptible to corruption due to issues like virus attack, improper installation of PPT file, etc. it is very difficult to bear a situation when you unable to open PowerPoint files.

Have you come across a situation, where your PPT file is not opening when you try to open every time? You may get frustrate and think why this is happening with me. Don’t get tensed simply use this fix PowerPoint file software to repair PowerPoint file quickly. This tool designed with salient features to mend corrupted PPT files that are refuse to open and it will get back healthy PPT file in working condition.

Let us look at some reasons resulting inaccessibility of PowerPoint files are:

  • Unexpected system Reboot: Reboot of computer refers to restart of system. When this occurs, you may not open PowerPoint file. This sudden system reboot takes place due to failure of power supply leading to inaccessibility of PPT data.
  • Improper up gradation of MS PowerPoint: It is a case, when you upgrade from one version of PPT to another version i.e. say 2003 to 2007 during this process if any interruption like sudden PC shutdown occurs leading to damage of PPT file present on system.
  • Inappropriate ending of PPT file: To keep PPT data on your computer you must have to close the system properly. While working on PPT presentation, sometimes you may be in hurry you may not notice that your work is not completed, you may accidentally terminate PPT file from computer carelessly. Therefore, this brings about a situation like PPT file corruption.
  • Header file corruption: PPT Header file contains information regarding file name, size of data, file type, date of creation, etc. Sometimes the PPT header file gets corrupt due to altering PPT file format or due to virus infection while downloading a PPT file from internet. It makes you to unread data.

When you face any of above-mentioned situations then you have to use this sophisticated program to mend PowerPoint files. When you come across situation like this you are unable to open PowerPoint files then make use of this widely used application to fix PPT files makes them to open easily without difficulty.

With the aid of this PowerPoint corrupt file repair tool you can mend PPT file on various versions of MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, etc and Windows Operating system of  famous versions like Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8 with utmost ease. The program will perform repair of PowerPoint files, which are protected by password without hampering its password. It is also responsible for repairing of PowerPoint files downloaded from emails. This utility scans the corrupt PPT files, extracts information and recovers them to normal working condition with few clicks of mouse. It will fix harshly broken PPT, PPTX and PPS files of any compressed size and recovers information such as text, slide, animation, design, macros, etc.

There are so many ways of reformatting hard disk. In general, people think that reformatting hard drive can be done only to increase PC performance but it not only improves system performance and also provides features like convenient use of OS, allows user to install so many softwares on same OS and useful to overcome start-up commands. Reformatting refers to correction of data corruption, testing the condition of computer drive, etc.

Sometimes user may reformat the drive while re installing Operating system, but during this action if user does not have significant backup files, the result is data loss. User looks ahead to see is there any software available on website to acquire back that data, there are more softwares available but they are untrusted. By using most rated and highly ranked program known as recover files on Windows, it is possible for people to overcome various reformatting scenarios like virus infection, antivirus scanning, etc.

In addition to above stated situations there are several reasons ends up with data loss are:

  • Bad sectors of hard drive: The sector is a little unit present on hard disk to store data. The hard disk bad sector occurs because of prolonged use of hard drive. This results in reformatting of disk and ends in data loss.
  • Hard disk failure: Hard disk failure like clicking noise when it is in use or computer becoming hot suddenly can result in reformatting of hard disk.
  • Changing partition size: Hard disk is divided in to number of partitions and each partition has particular size. When you try to change the size of one partition to other, there can be possibilities of occurring errors or it may corrupt if the process is interrupted due to unexpected system shutdown. When this happens, user may have to go with option reformatting.
  • Abrupt Power failure: Proper shutdown of computer yields good result. For example when a user is re-creating a partition on Windows OS by using legal third party utility, while doing this action if unpredicted failure of power occurs then it make a way to reformat the data leading to lose the data.

This software is considered more popular to perform scanning of drives to retrieve lost files. It is a most powerful utility to reformat  hard drive in the event of re installing Operating system. This tool has the capacity to support Windows OS of different versions such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows Vista and Windows 8. It is capable to support various types of hard drives like SCSI, IDE and SCSI with utmost ease. The application enables storage of data based on name, size, date and file type. It is possible for user to recover compressed files from NTFS formatted drives within  simple manner.

Data Recovery steps are as follows:                                                                           Download demo form of software from internet and install it on your system. Select the reformatted partition recovery to recover data and scan the drive. You can view the obtained result by using option Preview and if you are satisfied with the obtained result then purchase complete program to save the outcome.